Improve your bottom line

Increase your buying power with trade revenue from new sales and conserve your cash. Use your new trade revenue to pay for the products and services you want and need. A trade dollar spent, is a cash dollar saved. There are many reasons why businesses worldwide are bartering their products and services, but underlying them all is one fundamental business motivation—PROFIT.

  • Increase Sales: We market your business to other exchange member businesses in the online member directory, email newsletters and through our Trade Brokers. Your business gets incremental sales from buyers looking for barter opportunities within the exchange network.
  • New Cash Sales: The number one source of advertising for small businesses is "word of mouth." If you do a good job for an exchange member, they will refer their cash-paying friends, customers, family and other businesses to you.
  • Improve Cash Flow: You can improve cash flow by increasing sales and reducing costs. Participating in a barter exchange does both! Barter enables you to pay for the products and services you need with what you have. When you hire a contractor, paint your office, or buy office supplies with barter dollars, you conserve your cash to pay other expenses. And, when you purchase using barter dollars, you pay for it with revenue from new sales - sales that you probably would never have had.